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Main Barber School is an independently owned barber school that teaches young men and women everything they need to know to cut, style, and color hair for men, women, and kids. We teach core skills, adaptive skills, and how to be creative with hairstyling. Below is an outline of what you will learn in our school.

Hair Cutting

Hair CutFirst you will learn basic trimming and haircutting for men, women, and kids, followed by more advanced techniques such as layering, shaving, mohawks, and complex hairstyles.

Chemical Work

The next step is to learn chemical work which includes coloring, highlights, and perms. There are different techniques that achieve similar results and may work better over another technique for a person’s hair type and length. You will learn how to mix colors and get precise shades along with how much color it takes to saturate hair at various lengths and how long to leave the color on before rinsing.

Men’s Shaving and Grooming

We also teach men’s shaving and grooming, which includes beard and mustache trimming and shaving, sideburn grooming and shaving, nose and ear hair trimming, and creating a clean neckline.


Barber ShaveWe teach styling from basic, temporary curling and straightening to complex updos for formal events. This is done mostly on women’s hair, but we also teach basic men’s styling as well.


Main Barber School also teaches you how to use various salon products including hair spray, hair gel, mousse, shine spray, texturizing cream, leave-in conditioner, shampoos and conditioners, and more. These can enhance a style or cut and may be essential for some services.

When you complete our school program, you will take a test to become state certified. Then you are ready to apply for a job in any hair salon. We offer tuition assistance programs, comprehensive supplies and textbooks, and one on one coaching to get the most out of the program. Contact us for information about enrollment and class start dates. .

School: 4250 E. Main Street Suite M • East Farmington, NM 87402 Phone: 505-325-9344
Shop: 4250 E. Main Street Suite N • East Farmington, NM 87402 Phone: 505-326-6244
Main Barbershop:746 W. Main Street • East Farmington, NM 87402 Phone: 505-326-3960
Broadway Barbershop: 421 E. Broadway • East Farmington, NM 87402 Phone: 505-326-4039